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Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to 'Tweet Stuff on #p2'

You see the Darnedest Stuff
under the #p2 Column on Twitter

-Sometimes it's quite Educational.
-Sometimes its Great Satire.
-Sometimes its Really Funny.
-Mostly its Intelligent.
-Sometimes it comes like a Set of Tweets with a theme from the same Progressive.
-Sometimes it is many Progressives on the Same THEME.
-Sometimes you see some of these Sets of Tweets on a Theme and you think:

"We should collect these somewhere"

-Maybe because we might want to Tweet them again.
-Maybe just because we think they should be preserved for
future part of the Library of Congress archives.

But for whatever reason they SHOULD be collected and preserved.

THIS 'Tweet Stuff on #P2' site is JUST created toward that end.

For me this effort started when I did about a hundred Tweets of the SOTUS by POTUS and decided later to copy them to a word document. Other series of tweet topics came along and it kept going, more word documents in computer files. Finally I could see where this was going and decided to start:

'Tweet Stuff on #p2'

In my own #p2 experience of 'Tweet Stuff' I have found a few of my allies that are dedicated to the 'In your face' style, sometimes using Satire, sometimes full blow jokes, other times just old fashion 'Speaking Truth to Power' or in this case, more like regular ole ignorant folk talkin mess on #tcot.

The Index of 'Tweet Stuff on #P2 Authors' is a growing list of my good buds over on #p2 that I hesitate to list each of them at the risk of leaving out one of the many obvious who work hard daily to turn out a heaping helping stash of 'Tweet Stuff on #p2'

These are #p2 Tweeple who take their work seriously and consistently put out some of the 'Bestest' of the 'Tweet Stuff on #p2'. Someone should seriously be paying these Progressives cause they write material like they're being paid a small fortune.

You can expect some of their work to appear as one of several contributions to a particular Theme Post or as authors of an entire collection of their work. Enjoy it now for free before these guys wise up and start charging for this stuff!

If you have some 'Tweet Stuff on #p2' that you or someone else wrote and that you can contribute then please jump into the frey. Send me your stuff via email: or tweet it to me in a link.

A BIG Thanks to Everyone on #P2 who contributes anything for 'Tweet Stuff on #p2'
NOW or in the Future! More importantly thanks for what you and every Progressive on Twitter is doing each day to make the world a better place.



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