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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The 'Follow Friday' #FF Frenzy - My Take

 I've had a twitter account for nearly two years but only got active this past December and didn't start participating in #ff until the past couple of months. There is much social interaction involved in the ritual but also a lot of work. 

The more you interact with people here the more you start feeling like you have a personal relationship with a growing number of them all. 

After you get your first half dozen 'bulk' follows as I call them, where your name is one of a bunch, then the thrill of getting one more is quite over already.

The whole 'bulk' #ff does seem like it is totally ineffective, especially when the #ff tweet starts with just a word or two and a #ff followed by as many names fit in the remaining space.

By now we have all seen much more creative 'bulk' #ff from the likes of people such as @EzKool. Those still have 4 to 6 names per tweet but are at least preceded by something that will give you a chuckle or even make you think; Well, at least the first time you see them. 

But even with that sweetener I'm still not sure it makes you more inclined to follow anyone mentioned. I do think that it gets more followers for anyone who's doing the #ff recommend. And I do think the new followers you get by giving 'bulk' #ffs are good #p2 followers not bots or trolls.

A couple of weeks ago I started mixing up my bulk #ff with some 'single' one person per tweet follow recommends.  My priority for the 'single' #ff's are the peeps I interact with and more importantly the ones I feel are focused on a particular issue or issues. 

I also like to push people just starting out that only have a few followers and have a message that's worth a follow. What I noticed was that I was having as much fun getting creative with those single #ff's as I do my regular tweeting. More often than not I check their bio, edit with some personal context and send it out as a #ff.

I find that I put more time and effort into those single #ff than I do composing my regular tweets. Therefore those tweets are much more meaningful to me as well it appears to the people they were written for. With the time I started putting into writing the tweets I decided to start saving them to a file. Then I could reuse them with a little freshening as the case may call for. With such positive feedback its made me want to do more and more single; less and less bulk. Also, I started doing them throughout the week. Yeah, many more on Friday but lots during the week now. 

On this Friday, I started realizing how much work all of this was becoming as well as how other messages kept popping up into my consciousness that I wanted to push besides just #ff. I also noticed that when I was doing the #ff thang I wasn't really getting new followers to speak of but when I started in on one of my political rants the followers would start popping up in my email box. 
Along the way it started to dawn on me that it might be more effective to post my growing collection of single #ff's here on   the 'Tweet Stuff on #P2'

I also started noticing that if I didn't have room to put the  #ff hash tag, I just left it out rather than edit my other content down to fit it in. I started to realize that most people could care less about that being on there. Some people may care about their Klout score or other grade cards but I'm not really one of them and I think most people do not. I've never done a #ff search nor opened up a #ff column on tweetdeck. When I'm doing a 'single' follow recommend the whole tweet screams 'follow this person' so the hast tag is redundant.

Today, March 26,  the only bulk ones I sent were for those who had included me in their bulk follows. It was a rewarding experience sending out all of the 'single' follow I was able to squeeze in.  

I love it when people give me positive feed back like when they get caught off guard with big praise for them or when someone tweets back and says they are following that person because of my recommendation.

Love it!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My #P2 Freinds have Blog Post on the HCR Bill

Many of the wonderful Progressives that I have met on twitter
are busy people that also find time to make time to post some really interesting commentary on their own blogs.  

On the weekend of March 20, 21, 2010, twitter was lit up as the excitement and drama of the HCR vote was played out. Progressives were having a field day cheering in the vote while bashing the GOP and the Teabaggers.

As the weekend drew to a close and on into Monday, I started seeing different #p2 Progressive friends posting links to their blog post with some thoughts and feelings about it all.  It dawned on me that I should quick throw this Index of Links to various Blogs Post in random order as I found them.  

If you have one of your own related to the HCR Vote or know of a good one to include, please let me know and I'll add it ASAP.  These are all some very great Post and best of all, it gives you some insights into who you interact with on:

The #P2 Universe

The Bigotry of HCR,GOP is a Palin' Teabag. 
And oh, Keith's Back


From the Twisted Mind of a Christian Conservative



An open letter to conservatives


That post by Shoq links to this one:

An open letter to conservatives

Christianity, Social Justice and Politics


Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Take Back OUR Country"

"Take Back OUR Country" 
March 17, 2010

[Note: St. Patrick's Day, much like any other day unless you are Irish or you enjoy participating in some of the merriment surrounding it.  My mother's name is Mallory.  Probably O'Mallory if you go back far enough.  

So while I definitely have some of the blood, I have none of the authenticity or enthusiasm of Don Millard or as we know him on Twitter @OTOOLEFAN who openly admits on his bio that he "loves everything Irish".  I have long admired his keen sense of political satire and thought that it would be appropriate to make the following tweet:]

Merry St. Patrick's Day 2 everyone or as we like 2 call it here on twtter: 


[This next tweet sets the stage for how Progressives on Twitter #p2)  feel about the lunacy of the Right-Wing, GOP, Tea Party or as they originally named themselves:


It also shows how we feel about CNN becoming more like FOX, Glen Beck, and the like]

Eradicate Hate, Division, Bigotry by #StopBeck @StopBeck and of course #TurnOffFox @TurnOffFox #p2

[Much of the rhetoric we hear from the Right coming from the Palin, Rush, Beck, Bachman, worshipers on twitter is the constant shrill of "Government is the enemy" theme. 

Right after I sent that last tweet, I happened to notice another one of the zillions of such tweets about 'Government = BAD' came floating by on the #tcot channel.

#tcot = top conservatives on twitter

That was when the thought occurred to me that these were the same folk who supported Bush and were quite silent as he destroyed our country, economy, took us to war, deregulation, water-boarding and other torture, Patriot Act, countless scandals, corruption, 'heck-of-a-job Brownie' deregulation, bank bailouts, corporate welfare, etc, etc.  

Worse yet, let it never be forgot that the WORST Terrorist attack in the history of the U. S. happened on Bush's watch and with ample prior warning. 

Yet the #tcot folk are totally unaware of any of this history as they remain obsessed with fear, division, and downright hatred for anything Obama, Democrat, Left, Progressive, etc.]

[So I quickly fired off the next two tweets: ]

Look #tcot Government is NOT the enemy. GOP & Corporate governance; Now THAT is the ENEMY #p2

Damn #tcot says they love our country. Yet they HATE the government along with all it does for "The People" WTF? #p2

[That started me on a theme of what "Take back our country" really means to these Right-Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJ) as shown in this next tweet:]

When #tcot says "Take back our Country" what they mean is back to the Dark Ages #p2

[A little bit of tweet tweaking and I came up with a format, template if your will, to start in on a another one of those rants on one theme that became the following series of tweets]

"Take Back OUR Country"

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "We really miss KKK, Slavery, killing Indians, Stealing land, etc. #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Rich White Folk really ROCK" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Fuck the poor; Ban all Non-Whites" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Christianity is good camouflage for being Evil" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "I'm really just a bigoted, greedy, redneck son of a bitch" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "We're plum out of ideas & that slogan sounds fun" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "We're so stupid we say stupid stuff just like Glen Beck" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "dem #TexasTextBooks sure R informative" #p2  #topprog

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Greg be smart; he really is a god" #p2 #topprog

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Fleckman's 8th grade education really paid off" #p2 #topprog

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "I really love the America that ONLY exist in my head" #p2 #topprog

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Hell yes I was silent while Bush destroyed the country" #p2 #topprog

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Don't worry, I say stupid shit ALL the time" #p2 #topprog

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "We the People, Of the People, For the People" is a Socialist plot. #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Holy shit; There's a black man in the Whitehouse" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Rednecks, Hatemongers, and Bigots Unite" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Glen Beck is a friggan genius" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Let's pretend we ACTUALLY read the Constitution" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Them Injuns sure do love living on Reservations" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "We stole Native American's land fair and square" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Native Americans aren't really Americans" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Let's prove our ignorance & call ourselves Teabaggers" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for EXACTLY what Native Americans are all thinking #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "Put on the white sheets; We gots sum crosses to burn" #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is #tcot speak for: "We are STILL pissed off about loosing the Civil War" #p2

For the record #tcot "Take Back OUR Country" is what Democrats did after SCOTUS helped Bush steal two elections. #p2

"Take Back OUR Country" is what President Bill Clinton did after 8 years of Reagan and 4 years of Bush I.

[All of these tweets were written on the spot.  Given more time, I'm sure we can come up with many more for this theme including some with more humor and satire.  

At the point I wrote the last one I got interrupted with several other issues.  I'm posting these now so that anyone that missed them can catch them here and use them to further annoy the extremist on the Right aka #tcot.  

If you have some more of your own to add to this collection, please let me know and I will welcome their addition

Please feel free to use any of these as the need or desire arises.  If you don't have enough space for the tweet plus tags just put #ldh instead of  'RT@larrydhalstead' at the beginning of the tweet or 'via @larrydhalsead at the end.

Just keep getting the message out! Use some of these, edit as needed, write your own, but get the message out. Let the centrist in this country know that government is not the enemy bad managers are the enemy. Hate, division, fear-mongering; that is the enemy.

Big thanks for ALL who participate in any of rants or banter. Love the comments and the RTs which lend valuable assistance and make the experience rich and fun.