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Thursday, February 18, 2010

GOP Leader John Boehner's 'TAN' Goes Tweet

 GOP Leader 
John Boehner's  'TAN'  Goes Tweet

[Note:  This seemed to all pop out of nowhere 2/1710. I noticed some tweets about John Boehner showing up and tracked back on the time for @OTOOLEFAN (see Bio at bottom of this post), aka Don Millard, who is one of the great satirist I have found yet on twitter. 

So @OTOOLEFAN was directing a question to Robert Gibbs, @PressSec, about following John Boehner, @GOPLeader, and how that would make as much sense as following Glenn Beck, @glennbeck. Then @OTOOLEFAN starts in on John Boehner, his 'Verified Account', and his TAN.  Before long Boehner's TAN shows up with it's own account and the fun begins.]


 @PressSec For a laugh, 
you should follow 
@GOPLeader, if not already. 
Boner makes about
as much sense as @glennbeck

.@GOPLeader Love that you have a verified account now. Like anyone would ever pretend to be YOU.

.@GOPLeader You should get your tan verified, too.   
Crayola to add a new color in place of "Indian Red": "Bohner Orange"

HA! RT @JohnBohnersTan And now I exist. // Hey, you should follow @GOPLeader. It's not easy bein' Orange.

Actual account is @JohnBoehnersTan. #FF

RTJohnBoehnersTan Oh boy I'm getting followers! I'm happier than an igloo that disproves global warming!

Hey @GOPLeader: Have you formally met your tan yet?: @JohnBoehnersTan. Sure you have so much to talk about.

Joe Smith  
Twitter account for the 'TAN' of the 
House Minority Leader John Boehner.]

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  

@OTOOLEFAN We aren't on speaking terms. He's changed his aftershave. I've decided to glow at inconvenient times to get back at him.

FROM @ShustieFan  
@JohnBoehnersTan, I just want to thank you for staying orange and fabulous throughout these turbulent months. What's your secret?

@ShustieFan Can't reveal that. I'm on the Presidential line of succession don't you know?

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
@a_picazo Health care? Who needs health care when you look like you've walked out of a nuclear reactor! I'm awesome!

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
@catawu I can't tell my orange secret! It's a private matter between myself and John.

FROM @ShustieFan  
@JohnBoehnersTan Won't stop me from speculating. I bet it's OrangeGlo. Is it OrangeGlo?

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
@ShustieFan OrangeGlo is involved, but that's all John will let me say.

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
@TalkieToaster2 That's a secret. OrangeGlo is involved.

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
I will neither confirm nor deny my relationship to the Jersey Shore cast.

From: @RoseLizenberg  
HA! Im so following @JohnBoehnersTan -his skin color reminds me of lightly BBQ'd chicken fat

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  

@RoseLizenberg Yummy... chicken fat.

From: @bethyarnall  
@JohnBoehnersTan   What about Victoria Beckham? Confirm or deny?  Fabio. Confirm or deny? (I know trick question)

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  

@bethyarnall Neither. However, I will claim responsibility for the goose incident.

FROM: @cashewredneck  
@JohnBoehnersTan Senator, do you remove that nightly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually? And what type of sandblaster do you use?

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
@cashewredneck Well, I am the tan itself, so I don't discuss removal. That's a sensitive topic.

FROM: @cashewredneck  

@JohnBoehnersTan Touche sir (or tan of sir).

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
@SnookiesTan CHILD! It's been SO LONG!

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
It takes Twitter to unite a father and daughter: @SnookiesTan

FROM: @JohnBoehnersTan  
I must power down. Even tans need to rest up their energy. Until tomorrow Twitter.

(Updates From Thursday February 18)

From: @JohnBoehnersTan
The Tan is awake! It's a fine morning to glow!
And I have a snazzy picture too. Ignore the man. Pay attention to the tan. It's SEXY. Even in February.

From: @JohnBoehnersTan 
I hope they've set up my booth at CPAC. Last year things got messy, I had to fight it out with Sarah Palin's hair extensions.

From: @JohnBoehnersTan 
DAMMIT! My CPAC booth is all screwed up again! They've put me next to Bachman's Bumpits!

From: @JohnBoehnersTan 
@billthebutcher2 I had to negotiate that Vitter's diaper be placed across the room this year. Such a pain.

From: @lmlTN
Clearly, @JohnBoehnersTan is more interesting than John Boehner

From: @JohnBoehnersTan 
@lmlTN In becoming self aware I've become larger than life. It happens. I'm thinking of challenging John in a primary.

From: @lmlTN 
.@JohnBoehnersTan Dude, I grew up in Ohio . . . never saw anything quite like you. Except maybe the senior prom.

From: @JohnBoehnersTan 
@lmlTN I was created far outside of Ohio. I've been there to visit. It's... nice.
@lmlTN John has advised me never to speak of the cold. It bothers him.

From: @joe221
and a glorius glow it is!

From: @JohnBoehnersTan 
@joe221 NASA has said they want to study me. I may solve our energy problems and replace incandescent light bulbs.

From: @JohnBoehnersTan 
@lmlTN I'm all for the free market economy. John has taught me a thing or two.        

Twitter Accounts Involved

@OTOOLEFAN Don Millard
Bio: Sardonic Writer and Artist, Current PressRoom Drone Loves Peter O'Toole, Writing, Comedy and All Things Irish

Bio: I'm an MSNBC viewer first and a liberal second. Also, David Shuster is teh awesomes. Just sayin'.

@JohnBoehnersTan Joe Smith
Bio: Twitter account for the 'TAN' of the House Minority Leader John Boehner.

@PressSec Robert Gibbs Verified Acct
Bio: An official WH twitter account. Comments & messages received through official WH pages are subject to the PRA and may be archived. Learn more

@GOPLeader John Boehner Verified Acct
Bio: I'm the Republican Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Bio: Right-brained, left-leaning. Speaks 6 languages. Cubs fan. Former D1 athlete. Tar Heel Alum, 90's hip-hop, proud atheist, & believer in the U.S. Constitution.

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