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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

@EzKool GOP Stimulus Bill Hypocrites

Author: Ezra @EzKool

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These were posted around February 11, 2010. This is about GOP Hypocrisy with regard to the Stimulus Bil. I don't think it really matters but the order they were run is from the bottom of this post to the top.

I love the way these GOP fight to get their own provisions in the Bill then turn around and vote against the Bill; then go to their constituents and brag about the pork that they brought to their districts.
The way that Ezra @EzKool lays it all out in concise specific 'hypocritical facts is simply brilliant

GOP Stimulus Bill Hypocrites

Obstructionist - One who systematically blocks or interrupts a process. 
GOP - Grand Obstructionist Party.

Being Bipartisan to GOP means to do everything their way.
You cannot negotiate with those who wish for your failure.

GOP Mitch McConnell voted against Stimulus, then took credit for $$ sent to Blue Grass Army Depot in Madison County, KY.

GOP Bobby Jindal public stated his opposition against Stimulus, then is seen with Jumbo checks for Stimulus projects

GOP Eric Cantor voted against Stimulus, then holds a job fair for projects funded by Stimulus $$
GOP Bill Young voted against Stimulus, then lists projects on his website that Stimulus funded.

GOP John Carter voted against Stimulus, then requested $621 million for projects.

GOP Jim Inhofe voted against Stimulus, then said, "it would help spurr economic growth"

GOP Mary Fallin voted against Stimulus, then asked for 8.4 million to repair Oklahoma sites.

GOP Saxby Chambliss voted against Stimulus, then said "I'm very pleased that Govt. continue to play a key role."

@conJoeWilson - GOP Joe "You Lie" Wilson, voted against Stimulus, then said "it would provide jobs and investments..."

GOP Bob Bennet voted no to Stimulus, then said, "federal funds will maximize the stimulative effect on economy."

GOP Joe "You Lie" Wilson, voted against Stimulus, then said "it would provide jobs and investments..."

GOP Kit Bond voted against Stimulus, then said, "it would spurr economic opportunities"

GOP Richard Burr voted against Stimulus, then said, "it's a great thing for this county".

GOP Kay Bailey Hutchinson voted against Stimulus, later said,"this funding will spur growth in Texas"

GOP Jobn Mica voted against Stimulus, but says it "help improve one of our key economic generators".


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