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Monday, February 15, 2010

Index of 'Tweet Stuff' Authors

Tweet Stuff' Authors

This initial list is a small beginning. These just a small few of the Tweet Authors that keep showing up on #P2 on a daily basis. They routinely astound me with the superb satire and great commentary I'll add more as I go along while I apologize for those not already here but I'll start with this modest starter list:

Don Millard @OTOOLEFAN
Ezra @EzKool
Skut Markus Malfoy @skutmalfoy
Shoq Value @Shoq
JFK Fan @jfkfan
(more soon, I promise)

These are #p2 Tweeple who take their work seriously and consistently put out some of the 'Bestest' of the 'Tweet Stuff on #p2' When I see some of their stuff it makes me wonder why they aren't getting paid for this stuff. I fully expect some of them to go on a writers for editorial commentary of comedy writing for a show like John Stewart's The Daily Show.

You can expect some of their work to appear as part of a collection on a theme; or as authors of an entire collection of just their work on a particular post. If you don't see their contributions listed here yet its because I am waiting for them to respond to my request to send me their stuff.


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