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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey Teabaggers: This is Socialsim!


Hey Teabaggers: THIS is Socialism! 


Twitter Author: @larrydhalstead

Hash tags: #p2, #ldh, #tcot, #teaparty, #hcr 

 Fear Mongering on Socialism


Socialism: Any of various political philosophies that support social and economic equality, collective decision-making, and public control of productive capital and natural resources

Teabaggers: A small cult of extremist who believe that ALL government is bad; Any government is too much. No one should have to pay any taxes. Any social responsibility for your fellow man is never a function of government. Rape, pillage, and plunder the earth's resources. Anything you don't like and/or is a Democrat idea must automatically be labeled Socialist and targeted for obliteration.

[Note: You see the stupidest thing on the #tcot hash tag or from the tcot's on the #P2 column. Every single time you see one of them yell 'SOCIALISM' as an adjective, adverb, or noun; it becomes abundantly clear how much they are clueless as to what it means. It becomes so annoying that after seeing such an excessive abuse of the word it finally made me snap off on them one day and this is how it all came out.]

[ReTweet: RT@larrydhalstead and or hashtag #ldh]

“I'm sick of these 
MotherF**ing Teabaggers
on this MotherF**ing TCOT 
talking their MotherF**ing Smack
about Socialism."       - Samuel L. Jackson

“We must throw the Teabaggers down the WELL.    Then my Country can be FREE!"

Hey Teabaggers: THIS is Socialism!

Hey Teabaggers: Twitter is Socialist. Please cancel your account 


Hey Teabaggers: The FCC Airwaves are Socialist. Please shut off your TVs and Radios at once 


Hey Teabaggers: The entire Internet is Socialist. Please get off so we don't have to be exposed to your bull shit 


Hey Teabaggers: Parks are Socialist. Please keep out 


Hey Teabaggers: Freeways, Highways, Roads are Socialist. Please keep off 


Hey Teabaggers: Social Security and Medicare are Socialist. Please refund all monies received to IRS


Teabaggers: Since Teleprompters are so damn Socialist, you can ALL go back to writing on your hands for communication. 

Hey Teabaggers: The U.S Postal Service is Socialist. Please hand deliver your own damn mail 


Hey Teabaggers: Police Protection is Socialist. Please call Rush next time you got a problem 


Hey Teabaggers: Fire Protection is Socialist. Please call Beck next time your house catches fire 


Hey Teabaggers: Military is Socialist. Please report for duty in Iraq to fight your own damn war 


Hey Teabaggers: The EPA is Socialist. Please stop polluting so We the People don't have to clean up after you 


Teabaggers: Start your own grocery stores, pharmaceutical companies. Our are protected by that Socialist FDA 


Hey Teabaggers: all the power plants? Yep, Socialist; so we're cutting you off 


Hey Teabaggers, even though our schools are Socialist, were not big on banning you there cause frankly you need some education 


Hey Teabaggers: Since FBI, CIA, Homeland Security all Socialist, please capture Bin Laden, Al Queda, terrorist yourself 


RT @letslaugh101: @larrydhalstead Social Security came from the Democrats? //EXACTLY, so we're keeping it   


Another thing Teabaggers, We're keeping the flag since our blood fought for all that Socialism agains fascist like you 


Teabaggers, since we're keeping our flag, you can keep your Confederate flag. It will make it easier to identify you 


Just for the record Teabaggers: Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers? ALL Socialist so GET YOUR OWN 


Why Teabaggers can't be on our Socialist Internet>RT @whiteshot: TOILET PAPER, U should stop EATING it after USAGE 


BTW Teabaggers; As per your 'Purity Test' Reagan was a REAL Socialist. But we're going to let you keep him 


Hey Teabaggers: Government by nature is Socialist. Please restrict yourself to the Rushpubic of Teabagistan


Right now Teabaggers wondering where to go? I'm thinking we might have to go ahead give them Texas

[Right after that tweet went out I started getting some feedback from some Texas Progressives that were not at all willing to surrender the Lone Star State. So I ran a quick retraction to keep Texas for now. At the very least it will be a big bargaining chip for when we negotiate the divorce settlement]

RETRACTION: Teabaggers can't have Texas after all. You will have to stay put in your fantasy Rushpublic of Teabagistan


Teabaggers turns out we never did care for you guys so we've filed for a divorce. Cheer up, we're giving you Lieberman 

Teabaggers: In the divorce we are also going to let you have both Wars AND the Patriot ACT (never were ours) 


Divorce negotiations now underway with Teabaggers being represented by law firm of Dewey, Screwem, and Howe


Take an average teabagger, slap a beard on him and rewire his ideas from Christian Jihad to Muslim Jihad, and you have Osama Bin Laden.

Don't sweat it Teabaggers, we're going to give you entire Fox Network; you just can't use OUR Socialist airways 

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[PS: Please feel free to jump into the fun. If you have another tweet that needs to be added to this list, please let me know; I'll ADD it!] 


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